Andreas Ballis, PhD, Managing Director:  Andreas brings experience from delivering corporate business strategy of a publicly traded multinational Pharma as the Senior Vice President for Corporate Business Development (ALAPIS:GA). He brings extensive deal experience in both drugs and medical devices as well as in managing venture investments (King’s College London seed fund). He has prior R&D experience from AstraZeneca and academia (Inserm, Cardiff, Imperial). Former CEO of HRegMed, a successful cell therapy venture. He is an Honorary Fellow at the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine. His Post-doctoral research focused on embryonic stem cell therapy and he holds a Ph.D. in Stem Cell Biology.


Simona Piccirella, PhD, Managing Director: In 2009 she co-founded the company «VisMederi srl» and she was COO until 2016, serving Big Pharma in vaccine immunogenicity evaluation and analytical assay validation. She contributed to the successful authorisation of several vaccines in Europe, USA and Japan. She is co-author of 17 International papers. She is a member of several Italian Business Angels associations that is: IAG (Italian Angels for Growth) and IAB (Italian Angels for Business).


Robert Dean, Ph.D. MD, Clinical Advisor: Dr. Dean served as a Clinical Research Pathologist at Eli Lilly & Company from 1995 to 2017, focusing on biomarker discovery and development with application to translational research and diagnostics development, supporting numerous programs including neurodegenerative disease, as the Director of the department of Diagnostics & Experimental Medicine. He directed the chemical pathology division at Indiana University. He holds a Ph.D. in Toxicology & Pharmacology and MD from Indiana University. He co-authored more than 84 peer reviewed papers, 131 research abstracts. He is a member of the SAB of Diadem and helps in a consulting capacity.


Prof. Daniela Uberti, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor: Professor at the University of Brescia (Molecular and Translational Medicine Department) and prior at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. She is the main inventor of Diadem's Technology, pioneered discoveries in the role of p53 in pathogenic mechanisms in neurodegenerative disease and she is very well known in the field. Her impact index is 24,7.


Birger Jansson, R&D and IVD development Advisor: He was Corporate VP, R&D in DiaSorin S.p.A. Head of global Product Development and part of Executive Management in DiaSorin, he contributed to the release of IVD tools worldwide. He spent the past 15 years in executive management of Diagnostic and Biotech companies following 13 years of R&D experience in Pharma companies.


Antonella Fassio, Regulatory Affairs Advisor: She has worked for 23 years in a very successful diagnostic Company: DiaSorin S.p.A.. In her Corporate role of  V.P. Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs she worked to guarantee consistency among the Quality Systems of the six manufacturing sites, as an expert of cGMP and 13485:2012. The success of this task was demonstrated by the very positive outcome of several FDA and Notified Bodies inspections. Moreover, worldwide approval of most of the IVD devices produced by DiaSorin S.p.A. showed the capability of organization and successful and continuous meeting of expectations of the Regulatory Bodies, including US and EU. 


Efstathios Vassiliadis, Technical Development Advisor: He brings experience that combines pharmaceutical and medical device development jointly with regulatory/compliance and management experience. He owns 12 patents in medical devices, numerous peer review publications and has successfully developed and launched  numerous medical devices/IVDs in Europe and USA (510k). He is in the editorial board of 7 international peer review journals. Efstathios is the founder and CEO of Evnia Group supporting Pharma (such as J&J, Novartis, Roche) and Med. Dev organizations in development, compliance and management in Europe, USA and Japan.