Proteomics Service

Proteomics Service



The service provides expertise for the identification of the proteome in a given sample.


1) Isoelectric focusing (IEF)


2) The second dimension


3) Staining or Immunoblotting


4) Data analysis



Antioxidant Screening with MiROXAce Platform

Antioxidant Screening with MiROXAce Platform

MiROXAce is referred to the capacity of a compound to reestablish the correct redox balance, acting throughout ROS scavenger, increasing antioxidant enzymes activity, or restoring mitochondrial dysfunction.



MiROXAce service provides the measurement of:



1) ROS/RNS cell production




2) Antioxidant enzymes activity




3) Mitochondrial function


Agro-Food Analysis

Specific analysis as indicator of nutrition security. Oxidized/nitrated and glycated proteins and lipids are harmful products deriving from food manipulation and production. By using redox, glycol proteomic and other biochemical teqniquewe can identify these components in food in a qualitative and quantitative manner.